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Follow the almighty story of Lewis and Simon from The Yogscast, as they explore the secrets that are hidden deep inside the mystical dream tower!  From dusty deserts to deadly lava pits, the excitement never stops as you play as the characters Lewis, Simon, Honeydew and Xephos in a grand 2D platformer for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android!

‘Yogscast: And The Mystical Dream Tower’ has a fully branched out storyline, multiplayer, level creator and tons more for you to explore, fight, race and more!

A whole new adventure


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Full Scripted single-player

‘Yogscast: And The Mystical Dream Tower’ takes the boys on a grand adventure through the mysterious Mystical Dream Tower! Who created it? What is it doing to Lewis and Simon? Most of all, how do they escape?

Multi-platform multiplayer

Playing on PC but your friend is playing on the iOS? No worries, any player on any platform can connect together worldwide and play the single-player story mode with others! Play as Simon and Lewis with another two players on this amazing adventure!

Advanced level Creator

Finished with Single-Player and Multiplayer? Then create your own levels for other people to play, as well as play everyone else’s user-based content! Create levels for Single-Player and Multiplayer with 90% of the game’s features!

Join the yogscast on a new, exciting adventure into the unknown world that

Lies inside the mystical dream tower!

Want to see how the game is looking? What zones and level designs we have released? We’ll be posting screenshots when they are announced!



Who’s it made by?

‘Yogscast: And The mystical Dream Tower’ is a game created by Studio Flashback and The Yogscast. The game has been in official development for over 6 months and is soon to be released as a final product!

Created in engine flash

Engine Flash is Studio Flashback’s own engine that enables them to create in depth, huge, feature-filled levels while also being able to support low-powered devices from Single-Core computers and even older iOS devices! As well as being able to connect people in multi-player via various devices!